This is how the Dino fights in Primal Rage were made

Before the world of computer-generated graphics, ‘STOP-MOTION’ was the way to go. Primal Rage is a 90s arcade fighting game that featured prehistoric dinosaurs and primates and was made using stop motion. According to its developers, it was the first-ever video game that made use of stop motion to develop the required animations.

Below is an old mini-documentary that showcases the procedure that took place for making the Dino Fights in Primal Rage.

This footage was released to the press before the release of the game as some kind of a marketing move. The video also features an awkward interview of the developers discussing how they got the idea for this game and that it was there most ambitious project so far.

We can easily see how much time and effort was put into the making of the fights scenes for the game. And also embedding those animations into the game is a totally different task of its own.

Making a stop motion animation is a tedious job. As a matter of fact, it requires the animator to adjust the model for around 24 to 35 times in order to create a 1 second worth of sequence.