Marvel’s Avengers Load 14x Faster on PS5 Than PS4 Pro

Yesterday, The Avengers was re-released on PS5 and Xbox Series, and Digital Foundry managed to compare options for the new and outgoing generation of consoles. 

On the PS5, which was considered in the analysis, there are two modes available – “Performance” with dynamic 4K at 60 FPS and “Quality” with locked 4K at 30 FPS. Both options have improved graphics compared to the PS4 Pro, but in the second option, the visuals are even more advanced. 

Improvements on the new consoles include high-resolution textures, the quality of rendering of objects in the distance, a higher level of filtering and increased detail of particle effects. There is also a big difference in the method of rendering water – waves with complex geometry appeared. 

It was previously believed that the Xbox Series X/S version might not include both the options. However, it was late discovered by YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits that its not true.

Avengers Load 14x Faster On PS5 Than PS4 Pro

The most important innovation is loading times – missions on PS5 load in just 4 seconds, while on PS4 Pro it takes more than a minute. The main menu also loads much faster after starting the game – 4 versus 24 seconds. 

Coming back to the comparisons between the two modes on the PS5, there is a difference not only in resolution and performance, but also in graphics. The draw distance is even higher, the shadows are more detailed, and the diffusion effect is of higher quality. Also, in the “quality” mode, there are much more small details when destroyed.If we talk about performance, then everything is fine on PS5 in both modes: stable 30 FPS in “quality”, and in “performance” there are very rare drops to 57 frames – this was noted in the cutscene when the plan was suddenly changed. By the way, with all the updates, the Avengers now weigh: 

  • Xbox Series X – 107GB
  • PS5 – 74GB
  • PS4 – 64GB
  • Xbox One – 58GB

The studio Nixxes, best known for its quality ports Deus Ex (Human Revolution, Mankind Divided) and Tomb Raider (2013, Rise of, Shadow of) on PC, was responsible for the transfer of “The Avengers” to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.