Xbox Series X|S controller has a hidden function to switch between Console and PC/Mobile

Some users have recently found a hidden secret feature of the Xbox Series X|S controller. In fact, one such function is not even mentioned in the official manuals of the Xbox Series X or Series S. In short, each gamepad has the ability to register two devices and thanks to the synchronization button it is possible to switch from console to PC / mobile with a few simple clicks.

You can check out the below video from Timo Wolf to better understand how this works. He also mentioned that this feature is not officially reported elsewhere except some hints on Reddit and that’s it. However, this feature requires Bluetooth to work. So, if you use an Xbox Wireless Adapter, this will not work for you.

To connect to your mobile device or PC, press and hold the synchronization button located at the top of the pad until the front logo flashes 2-3 times. To return to the console just press the same button twice.

Using your @Xbox Series X|S controller with console & pc/mobile for @XboxGamePass frequently? #XboxSeries controllers can memorize sync!
-> Hold “sync” to recall last mobile/PC device (flashing 2-3x)
-> Double-tap “sync” to switch back to your #Xbox (flash once)#XboxSeriesX— Timo Wolf (@OmitFlow) February 8, 2021