Eivor’s gender in Assassins Creed Valhalla will depend on the story

Ubisoft has confirmed that the gender of the main protagonist ‘Eivor’ in the next Assassins Creed game will keep on changing depending on the story of the game. This was confirmed by the narrative director of ACV himself via Twitter while responding to a user query after watching the IGN’s final preview of the game.

However, you will also get a chance to set the gender at the start of the game. By default, the option remains ‘Let the Animus decide’ which will analyze the point in the story and change the gender of the character accordingly.

Pick that option, and the Animus will choose your gender for you, depending on what part of the overall story you’re in.

It means “Let the Animus decide” is canon. And both characters will appear at various points when you choose this option. So both are canon.

Darby McDevitt

Hey AtA, you transcribed the text incorrectly, and it’s leading to some confusion.

The animus chooses the gender based on the MEMORY strength, not the character’s strength.— Darby McDevitt (@DarbyMcDevitt) October 13, 2020