Zoom updates apps with new features as companies move away from WFH policy

As companies move away from work-from-home policies and try hybrid workspaces, Zoom is highlighting some apps with updates and features to improve collaboration and creativity in meetings.

Zoom’s collaborative mode makes the screen sharing model more interactive. For example, hosts can start collaboration for any app during general meetings, brainstorming sessions, and more. Here are some examples of collaborative mode for apps:

Miro is an online Zoom whiteboard that allows meeting participants to easily launch a collaborative workspace where everyone can interact, co-create and capture ideas in real time.

The Coda app for Zoom lets your teammates create with you by keeping meeting participants on the same page and letting their voices be heard without having to open another tab.

Now, if you’re tired of work, #AskAway lets meeting attendees show off what they know about each other, or have fun guessing. Each round puts a different player in the hot spot while the others guess how that player will respond.

Zoom is also promoting another major app feature called Breakout Rooms, where participants can split into small groups for focused discussions or close-knit collaboration. The video conferencing service also highlights some applications that can now use this feature.

Welo, for example, is recreating a collaborative space. Participants can see everyone and switch between conversations.

On the other hand, Twine for Zoom is an all-in-one breakout management app that allows hosts to create rooms based on custom rules, switch between scheduled and consecutive breakouts, chat between rooms, and more.

Zoom apps are available within the app itself or on its App Marketplace here.

Do you plan to use any of these Zoom apps in your daily life? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.