Zhao Dexin, a 90-year-old professor, said that CNKI fraudulently used his signature to open an account: he didn’t receive a penny, he has filed a lawsuit, but he didn’t want CNKI to collapse – yqqlm

IT House reported on May 14 that recently CNKI was suspended by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the monopoly investigation caused a heated discussion. The 90-year-old professor Zhao Dexin sued CNKI and there was a new situation. CNKI sent someone to apologize.However, Professor Zhao Dexin said that CNKI also used his signature to open an account, but he did not receive any money.

On May 13, CNKI was investigated for suspected monopoly. “China Science News” reported that Professor Zhao Dexin said that CNKI apologized to Professor Zhao Dexin and his wife on the afternoon of May 12, expressing their willingness to re-list his and his wife Zhou Xiuluan’s thesis works.

Zhao Dexin also said in an interview: Our lawsuit with CNKI is not over yet. And in addition to the thesis, there is a very important case.

“As early as 2006, CNKI signed a contract with me to make the “Dictionary of Chinese Economic History” into an electronic version. The contract stipulates that if a user pays to download the “Dictionary” or its entries, they will give me a part of the money, and each The bill is about one yuan and 30 cents. The contract clearly states a collection account, but I have not received a penny from this account. We have recently confirmed that this account is still functioning normally. of.

So where did the money go? I specifically went to inquire about this issue, only to find out that CNKI used my name to create a private bank account without my consent, and also faked my signature.

This matter has violated the criminal law, and I have already appointed a lawyer to file a lawsuit. “

According to Jimu News, Professor Zhao Dexin said that CNKI visited him twice on January 29 and May 12, 2022 to communicate with him and express his apology. He also put forward many suggestions for the rectification of HowNet. “I don’t want CNKI to collapse. I gave them a well-intentioned suggestion. I hope they can run CNKI well.” Zhao Dexin said.

Information shows that since the beginning of this year, CNKI affiliated companies Tongfang CNKI (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and Tongfang CNKI Digital Publishing Technology Co., Ltd. have won bids for more than 230 and 60 projects respectively. Most of the purchasers are local universities, including Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Central Academy of Fine Arts, South China Normal University, etc., as well as hospitals, libraries, research institutes and government departments, etc., the target amount ranges from tens of thousands to millions of yuan.

“HowNet came to apologize, Professor Zhao Dexin and his wife’s papers are expected to be back on the shelves”

“The novel writer has been infringed by CNKI for 13 years, the latter has been investigated, and the lawyer said that the submission does not mean authorization”

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