Yandex opened access to the neural network. She writes texts in Russian

Yandex opened access to YaLM 100B, a neural network for generating and processing texts in Russian and English. It can be used by developers and researchers from all over the world.

YaLM 100B is the largest GPT-like model for the Russian language. The neural network contains 100 billion parameters, which allows it to be used for natural language processing. Based on the laws of linguistics, YaLM 100B is able to create product descriptions, videos and much more. Also, with its help, you can generate any texts (poems, answers, congratulations) and distribute them according to the style of speech.

The CEO of Yandex Technologies said:

“To train such a large language model requires huge resources, experienced specialists and years of work. And it is important for us that not only the largest IT companies have access to modern technologies, but the entire community of researchers and developers. By making YaLM 100B available to the public, we expect that this will give impetus to the development of generative neural networks.”

YaLM 100B was trained on Yandex supercomputers. The technologies of the domestic company were recognized as the most powerful in Eastern Europe. During the learning process, the neural network processed about 2 TB of texts from open datasets and the Internet in Russian and English. The model is provided under the Apache 2.0 open license and is available at GitHub.