Yandex launched the YaLM 100B neural network, which generates any texts in Russian

Yandex posted a neural network in open access YaLM 100B for generating and processing texts in Russian and English, the company’s press service told

YaLM 100B contains 100 billion parameters. The neural network determines the principle of constructing the text and creates new ones, taking into account the rules of the Russian language and its knowledge of the world.

For example, YaLM 100B can generate product descriptions and videos, as well as come up with ideas for advertisements.

Yandex uses YaLM 100B in more than 20 projects, including search and Alice. The neural network helps the support team respond to user messages. In addition, she prepares quick answers in the search and creates site descriptions.

YaLM 100B was trained on Yandex supercomputers and processed about 2 TB of texts.

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It is used in Yandex search.

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