Xpeng has now manufactured 200,000 electric cars. 8 months after reaching 100,000.

In 2014, the Chinese electric car brand Xpeng Motors was founded and their first production car was launched in December 2018. In October 2021, they had succeeded in manufacturing 100,000 cars and now, eight months after that, they are passing 200,000.

In December last year was presented the flagship G9 which is a crossover. This is the first to be developed for sale both in China and in international markets. It is also the first model to be equipped with the semi-self-propelled XPilot 4.0 system, which includes two Lidar sensors. G9 will be launched during the fourth quarter of the year, however, whether it will come here is unclear. Recently, sales of the P5 model were stopped here in Sweden and the world situation is stated as the reason – even though most people think it is a matter of lack of interest.


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In two years, Xpeng has produced 100,000 copies of the P7

Celebrate with Night Black Black Label Edition

You can think what you want with the Chinese electric cars are on their way on a large scale and there is nothing that can stop them. The company Xpeng Motors has established itself here in Sweden and even though I myself have not seen anyone out in the wild, it will not be long before I do. It is the model P5 that is sold here initially and later also P7, which they have now managed to produce 100,000 of in just under two years. This is celebrated of course and you do it with Black Label Edition which is decorated with black details. The paint, the rims, the emblems – everything goes in black. The taillights also look dark-toned. The inside has, as expected, the same theme. Will go on sale in China from the middle of next month, if and when it comes here is unclear at the moment. Bonus-Glenn below.


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We have tested Xpeng P5

Not so damn stupid anyway, but why choose this one?

Another Chinese carmaker you sigh and yes, another comes here. Nor is it supposed to be the last. But here they are and it’s like our job to keep track of them for you. When they are alert and smart and affordable, they also fulfill a purpose, they push the European manufacturers to get on track, which is actually needed. Tesla is not enough there. Many of the new Chinese manufacturers we have heard about so far are trying to focus on price, such as MG. That’s not Xpeng’s tune, at least not if you ask them. They want to drive on quality and talk about themselves as a tech company. It is of course cliché, but it feels nice regardless that you have a little higher ambitions.


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Xpeng Motors opens in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia

Here you will be able to look in and test drive the P7

We have previously told that the Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng Motors would establish itself here in Sweden, and now we find out that the place will be Westfield Mall of Scandinavia which is located in Solna, Stockholm. Here you set up an Xpeng Experience Center where those interested will be able to get a closer look at the electric car P7 and also the opportunity to test drive. The center will open in the first quarter of next year.


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