Xiaomi invites users to donate voices to the speech-impaired to make AI calls more natural

IT House news on May 14th, Xiaomi today issued an invitation to users, welcome everyone to become Xiaomi voice donors, and will use your voice to givespeech impairedMatch and customize the voice of “belonging to TA”.

According to reports, Xiaomi Wensheng and AI calls have achieved text-to-speech communication, but some users are still eager to use their “own voice” to speak.


▼ Official demo of sound customization

To complete such sound customization, in addition to the need for sound matching algorithms to find matching donors for recipients, and super anthropomorphic technology to make synthetic sounds more natural, many complex factors are required. The most indispensable of these,is a rich library of voice donations.


Xiaomi said,When your voice condition matches someone with speech impairment, you will be invited to make further donation recordings, to create his own voice for the recipient. The sound is only used for data model training research, development or the use of audio in Xiaomi’s products, and will not be used for other purposes. When audio is used in Xiaomi products, it will undergo speech synthesis and parameter adjustment.won’t match your real tone.

IT House test, users need to read out a few paragraphs of text and record it, similar to Mozilla’s open source speech dataset Common Voice entry method. Common Voice ProjectAllow anyone to contribute their own voice to the projectallowing the virtual assistant to understand more accents.

Voice Donation Link:Click here to enter

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