Xbox Series X|S FPS Boost requires “no extra work” from the developer side

Xbox Series X|S FPS Boost requires "no extra work" from the developer side

Xbox Series X|S’s FPS Boost technology doesn’t require any extra work from the developer’s side, reveals Jason Ronald, director of program management at Xbox.

In the same interview in which he said that the FPS Boost might be limited by some developers for artistic needs, the director of program management of Xbox confirmed that the activation of this feature does not imply an additional commitment.

We are dedicating ourselves to this feature without the developers having to do extra work, so in some cases, they have more flexibility and control where they want to go back to the game and update it or if they have different plans for the franchise. its partnership between us and the publisher.


“We listen to the community, we know their passion and the games they would like to see,” he continued. “There are situations in which we cannot activate the FPS Boost due to the techniques used for the development of a certain title, while in other cases, as mentioned, perhaps the authors want to think about the upgrade.”

In short, the FPS Boost stands as a useful resource for anyone who wants to take advantage of it, considerably increasing the frame rate of their games without any effort, but it is not mandatory to use it, each studio can proceed as it prefers.

You can see the full interview here:

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