Xbox Cloud Gaming: Mouse and keyboard support and drastically reduced latency

In order to appeal to a wider audience with its cloud gaming offering, Microsoft plans to support mouse and keyboard to control games. With new optimizations, the latencies should also be significantly reduced, which will primarily benefit responsive games.

Currently the latency for game streaming is between 8 and 74ms. In addition to the network connection, various other factors have an influence on this, such as VSync, buffering or the upscaling of the image on TV sets. With a technology called Direct Capture, the latency caused by this can be reduced to 2-12ms, which is a significant improvement.

However, some of the games have to be adapted by the developers to support Direct Capture. In addition, the resolution is limited to a maximum of 1440p and HDR is not yet supported. With Microsoft’s game streaming offer, however, this is not of great importance, because streaming is only possible in a maximum of 1080p.

This information comes from a video podcast with which Microsoft is aimed at game developers (via TheVerge), the recording can be viewed below.

This video also mentions that mouse and keyboard support is in the works to control games streamed from the cloud. While no launch date has been revealed, developers are encouraged to build in this support now so they can potentially attract new leads at launch.

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