WWE 2K22: the executive producer announces his resignation | Xbox One

Just over three months after the release of WWE 2K22, Patrick Gilmore, the game’s executive producer, has just announced that he will soon be no longer working on the franchise.

A little ride and then go away

Recruited to put the series back on the right track following the debacle of WWE 2K20, which he brilliantly succeeded in doing by offering a much more stable and pleasant game, Patrick Gilmore has just published a tweet in which he talks about his departure from Visual Concepts, without revealing more about what he intends to do in the future.

The man specifies that it was for him a very “spectacular and fulfilling” experience to be able to work on WWE 2K22 in the company of all the teams of the Californian studio, and takes advantage of this intervention to thank all the fans of the community.

In contrast, Gilmore and 2K have made no mention of who will reprise the role in the future, although previous reports indicate that it could be Bryan Williams, who previously worked with Yukes, the previous studio at work on the WWE2K franchise.