WoW: New Mythic Plus dungeons – hard is good, but where’s the balancing?

In addition to the fateful raids, the new, old dungeons in the Mythic Plus system are likely to be the most interesting new features of WoW: Shadowlands Season 4 for most players. With the Grimgleisdepot, the Eisendocks and the two parts of Karazhan and Mechagon, six old dungeons have returned and invite players with the right keystones to a run.

In order to integrate these instances into the current endgame, the developers have done some balancing work and tries to bring the difficulty to the level of the rest of the dungeons. However, one must say at the moment: The attempt was rather moderately successful. Seldom before have the differences in difficulty been as massive as they are now. And that’s not just true for ragtag groups or casual players, but even the top teams have a much harder time in some dungeons than others.