ASUS presents World’s first Dual-Screen Notebook .

Today at Computex 2018, Asus had uncovered their line-up of new items which incorporates the ZenBook Pro 15 and ZenBook Pro 14 that has the progressive ScreenPad input gadget! Alongside the triple-grant winning ZenBook S, a full lineup of VivoBook notebooks and the VivoWatch BP wearable strain screen along with Dual-Screen Notebook.

Dual-Screen Notebook with AI support



Project precog’s

The feature of the occasion  Project Precog, a fresh out of the plastic new idea gadget which is likewise the world’s first convertible Dual-Screen notebook outfitted with AI highlights.

Other than the fact that it’s designed to be versatile and offers powerful productivity to users like AI Touch and AI Charging, Project Precog can still offer so much more.

Mr.Shih  Said

“Over the last three decades, ASUS has focused on delivering meaningful innovations to market as well as refining every meticulous detail to perfect the computing experience,”

He also added……

 “We aspire to bring out the best in everyone by helping them unleash their creative power with beauty, performance, innovation and state-of-the-art technology including AI.”

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What’s so special about this ????

  • What Project Precog can do is to expand and increase user’s productivity with the dual-screen.
  • The PC can be used in four modes –Stand, Book, Tent and Flat which can be used dependent on the user to provide twice the screen space of traditional notebooks.


  • This also means that we can see a future of notebooks that are rid off the traditional keyboards and touchpad setups, in replace with the flexibility of an extended screen AND customizable interactive interface.
  • It is able to predict and recognize the active input device and changes the virtual interfaceaccording to the user’s needs with the AI technology embedded in the notebook.
  • For example, it can automatically adjust the keyboard location depending on where the user places their fingertips or automatically switch to a stylus mode when a stylus touches the lower screen.


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However , Project precog is still under prototype phase . We will be looking forward to see how Asus gets this concept into execution.

Comment below your thoughts about this self adjusting AI of Asus .

Source : Gamerbraves

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