World of Warcraft could hit consoles this December, according to new rumors

WOW Xbox

Blizzard is not currently going through its prime after the numerous scandals that are splashing the creator of some of the most important video games in history and who has been in a permanent check for weeks that could even end with the departure of the head of Activision Blizzard.

This storm, however, does not mean that Blizzard studios have stopped working (albeit at a slower pace due to various demonstrations) and, in fact, the American company will be about to announce and publish a great launch on consoles.

It is, as you have already read in the headline of the news, the console version World of Warcraft that will arrive in a couple of weeks to consoles according to various rumors that point to a version of the game called World of Warcraft: Complete Edition appeared temporarily in the source code of the Xbox Upcoming Games section Aiming at its launch on December 9, the same day that The Game Awards is held, the most important gala in the world of video games at the end of the year that could serve to announce the launch of the veteran MMO on consoles.

A lingering rumor for a long time

Obviously for the moment we are facing just a rumor about a possible console launch of one of the most important MMOs in historya release that, if it occurs, could revitalize World of Warcraft at a time when Final Fantasy XIV, New World O Elders Scrolls Online They have taken away part of the prominence among fans of these games.

In fact, the possibility of a World of Warcraft release on consoles had already been “chewed up” just over a year ago when data-miners found mentions of the PS4 DualShock and the PS5 DualSense in the Shadowlands source code. Last released expansion for the game.