WinGet 1.4.2161 – Support for installing from a zip file can be enabled

The Windows Package Manager (WinGet) has again received an update to version 1.4.2161. In the new preview, which is automatically distributed only in the dev channel, the experimental functions are activated.

Installation for programs from a zip file (except portable packages) can be enabled in this version. For this you enter in the Windows terminal, which has also just received an update, wing settings a. You open the file with an editor and then you can add this line.

"experimentalFeatures": {"zipInstall": true}

As a note, Microsoft also states: “We’ve also made strides in developing native PowerShell cmdlets. These will work with PowerShell 6 and PowerShell 7. We’re still working on the hurdles associated with PowerShell 5.1. We plan to provide a downloadable module for import in a future release.”

New features and improvements in WinGet 1.4.2161

  • Added Microsoft.WinGet.Client PowerShell module files
  • winget find as a synonym for winget search
  • Added install and uninstall aliases
  • Added winget remove as an alias command for winget uninstall
  • Added Update” as an alias for “Upgrade”.
  • The changes are very long. You can read them in the release notes.

Information and Download:

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