Windows Insider Program: No more new builds for Russian users

A few days ago, Microsoft blocked the download sites for the Windows 10 and 11 ISO files. The files can no longer be downloaded from Russian internet connections. It seems that this ban also affects insider builds of Windows 11.

A new Insider Build was released yesterday evening, but it is no longer found on Russian Insider PCs. This was noticed by a Twitter user (via Neowin), another user responded to his tweet, who had taken a closer look at the matter. He found that the Windows Update server response included the country code “ru” for Russia, which appears to be causing the new version to fail to download. As in the case of the ISO downloads, it then worked without any problems via a VPN connection.

This is interesting in that a corresponding block in Windows Update has a different quality than a country-specific restriction on a website. It had already been rumored that Microsoft might also restrict or disable regular Windows updates for Russian users. However, since the Redmond company has promised to continue to look after existing customers, I think that is rather unlikely. Microsoft should at least continue to deliver security updates in its own interest.

The question could rather be how long the Russian government will allow this, because in principle a cyber attack could also be launched in this way.

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