Windows 11: Update brings search highlights and fixes Wi-Fi hotspot

A new (optional) update for Windows 11 is available for installation. It fixes various errors, but also brings innovations, including the “Search Highlights”, which on the one hand improve the search, but above all increase the number of users of Microsoft’s search engine Bing. In addition, the Wi-Fi hotspot function that was broken since the last patch day will be fixed.

The update KB5014668 increases the OS build to 22000.778 and is marked as optional in the updates at the end of the month. It comes via Windows Update, but the installation has to be initiated manually.

The most visible innovation is the search highlights mentioned, which I have already omitted at this point: Windows 11: Update for Release Preview Insider brings search highlights – this is how you get rid of them. Although the function is included in the update, it is not immediately visible to all users and will be activated gradually.

In addition, some bugs have been fixed, including the Wi-Fi hotspot function that works reliably again. It was disrupted as a result of the June patch day security updates.

As usual, the complete changelog can be found at Microsoft: KB5014668 (OS Build 22000.778)

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