Windows 11: Save space in the system tray by stacking the icons in the notification area

Windows 11 and the new taskbar is such a thing in itself. At the moment you have the option of displaying all icons for the info area (systray). You have to pull it out manually from the menu (arrow up).

But if you now have a lot of icons that can be seen in the systray, then that takes up a lot of space. Markus found a way to stack the icons on top of each other. So there are two displayed in a row. A change in the registry makes it possible.

We already know the entry StuckRects3 from the tweak to move the taskbar upwards under Windows 11. The change for the icons in the systray can also be made here. And this entry is also known from Windows 10. Because of the change, the taskbar is displayed in double height. Since this is not possible under Windows 11, at least the icons in the info area of ​​the taskbar are displayed one above the other, i.e. stacked, and this saves space in the taskbar.

We once moved it to the wiki as a tutorial, as this is not a temporary tweak.

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