Windows 11: Microsoft brings Insider Build 25120 to the Dev Channel

Microsoft has released a new Insider Build for Windows 11 to the Dev Channel. There are no exciting innovations in Build 25120, but the Redmond company is starting a new experiment with the Windows widgets, which should now also interact better with the desktop. It starts with a new search bar.

The new search bar allows you to search the web, so it is a kind of duplication with the search function that is already integrated in Windows 10 and Windows 11. If you do not want to use the new function and would rather hide it, you can do this as usual by right-clicking on the desktop do. However, Microsoft is hoping for a lot of feedback from the experiment in order to further improve the new interaction model.

Windows 11 insider search box

Otherwise there are only various performance improvements and the usual bug fixes. You can find out more in the blog post linked below.

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