Windows 10 will bring two features from Windows 11. Update is on the way

Windows 10 will introduce the ability to set a PIN to print a document, a feature first introduced in Windows 11, according to TechRadar.

Microsoft has a “limited feature set” that it plans to port from Windows 11 to Windows 10 to make the transition to the new version of the operating system smoother.

This is done to avoid duplicate printouts, especially in busy offices and workplaces. Windows users can set a PIN on their computer, in which case the files will be printed only after it has been entered.

But this is not the only feature from Windows 11 that will be available in the previous version of the operating system. Users also appreciated focus support for Do Not Disturb mode. It allows users to receive important, urgent notifications regardless of the status of the notifications. You will learn about the most important, even if you turned them off. This feature will also come to Windows 10.

They will be available in update 19044.1806. It is being tested and will be available for download in the coming months.