While we’re still waiting for Steelrising, Spiders announces GreedFall II: The Dying World

No time to fool around in the French studio

Nacon and Spiders Reveal GreedFall II: The Dying Worlda sequel to the award-winning 2019 RPG a great commercial success.

The announcement of GreedFall II is rather sober: no trailer, no screenshotsnot even a precise description on the news that we can expect from this sequel, but the famous head of the Parisian studio Jeanne Rousseau says she is happy to be able to explore again the world of GreedFall.

While we worked on Steelrising, the love of the GreedFall universe never left us, and it is with great pleasure that we return to it. In this new opus, players will discover the old continent with more varied and vast landscapes, they will meet new companions and new factions, and I hope that they will live memorable adventures there.

Indeed, we had almost forgotten that Spiders was still at work on Steelrisingits action-RPG that mixes warrior automatons with French Revolution. With the support of Nacon, it is assumed that the French studio is now capable of carrying out several projects in parallel. If all goes well, players will be able to embody the guardian of Marie-Antoinette, Aegisfrom September 22.

With more than 2 million copies soldGreedFall has built a small community surely delighted to see a following the RPG which takes place in a conquest of the fantasized New World. However, you will have to be patient, since GreedFall II: The Dying World will be released on PC and consoles in the current of 2024.