When buying a “killer car” Lada Granta 2022, you will be given strange papers to sign. What’s there?

The network has information about two additional documents that must be signed by the buyer of the “anti-crisis” Lada Granta Classic’22. This is reported by the profile resource “Lada.Online”.

Earlier, we reported that AvtoVAZ started selling a new version of the Lada Granta, the “anti-crisis” Classic’22 model. Its main (and most criticized) feature was the lack of basic safety components: an ERA-Glonass module, airbags and an ABS unit. For this, experts even called the car a “killer car.”

Now, from one of the representatives of the Lada dealer network, it became known about another strange condition for buying this car. According to the source, along with receipts of payment, the buyer will be given two documents to sign.

The first is an agreement in which a person agrees with the absence of an ERA-GLONASS module in the car and undertakes to install it later on his own (apparently, at his own expense). By the way, this is quite legal: in 2021, during the shortage of microchips, this was already practiced.

The second document is a notification that the buyer will not be able to leave Russia with his new car, with the exception of Belarus. The fact is that the “anti-crisis” Granta is distinguished by lower environmental and safety standards, so it simply will not be allowed into another country.

Currently, a bilateral agreement on the operation of simplified car models exists only between Russia and Belarus. However, it is planned to conclude similar agreements with Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan soon.

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