What will happen to Google services in Russia after the liquidation of the Russian representative office?

Google explained what will happen with the provision of access to its services to Russians after Google LLC is liquidated. The good news is that most of them will continue to work.

“Some time ago, Google suspended the vast majority of commercial operations in Russia. Today we are announcing that the arrest of the Google Russia bank account has made it impossible for our Russian office to function, including retaining employees and paying employees in Russia, paying suppliers and contractors, and fulfilling other financial obligations, ”said a Google spokesperson.

Google will continue to provide access to free services in Russia, such as YouTube, Gmail, the Play Store, a search engine, maps, etc. Paid features in the company’s services are for the most part already disabled for Russians.

Today it became known that the Russian representative office of Google Google LLC plans to begin bankruptcy proceedings on May 22. The organization declares itself insolvent because it foresees its own bankruptcy and the impossibility of fulfilling monetary obligations, including claims for employee wages and severance pay.

The bankruptcy of Google LLC is connected, among other things, with the payment of a fine in the amount of 7.22 billion rubles. Such a fine was imposed by the court due to the fact that Google did not fully comply with the court decision and did not return some of the content removed from YouTube to the Tsargrad TV channel. Since the imposition of the fine, Google has an additional debt in the amount of 505.5 million rubles – this amount must be paid to the Federal Bailiff Service as a performance fee.