Week 4 Rebellion Quests | Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Guide

We arrived at the fourth week of challenges concerning the famous Rebellion quests. Thus, in this article we are going to come back to all the challenges that make up the Week 4 of Season 2 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite.

How do I complete the Week 4 Rebellion quests?

In order to help you as much as possible, we have arranged the missions to be carried out by stage and in chronological order of obtaining. To note that, each stage will grant you 23,000 EXP. Here is the list of Rebellion challenges for this fourth week of this Season 2 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite.

Link to the device near Logjam Lumberyard

  • Location : Logjam Lumberyard

For this first mission, you must go to the snowy part of the island, at Logjam Lumberyardin order to activate the link with a holographic device.

  • Location : Logjam Lumberyard

Your new mission is to deploy aquatic communication relays near Logjam Lumberyard. As you can imagine, for this challenge you will have to go to the small lake next to the locality, in order to place our three small relays which are in the water.

Link to the device near a Seven Outpost

  • Location : Outpost of the Seven

For this second stage of challenges, you must go in the direction of a Outpost of the Seven and activate a new holographic device in order to receive your new mission.

  • Location : Outpost of the Seven

This new mission will require you toactivate a drone that you can find near a Seven Outpostin order to transmit important data.

Link to the device near the Sanctuary

  • Location : Sanctuary

The third stage of challenges will once again ask you to activate a hologram to get orders for your next mission. To do so, you must go near the Sanctuary in the east of the island.

  • Location : Sanctuary

We are coming to the end of this week 4 of the Rebellion challenges which will have been shorter than that of week 3. For your last mission, you must plant three anti-tank rounds in different places in the Sanctuary to complete your final challenge.

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