VMware Workstation Pro and Player 16.2.0 with security update and new features

VMware comes with an update for the Workstation Pro and Workstation Player with the new version number 16.2.0. Build 18760230. There are new features, one feature is being removed, and security issues have been fixed.

  • The Workstation 16.2.0 Pro supports Vulkan renderers on a Linux host with Intel, Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Vulkan Renderer has support for Direct3D 11 (and earlier) and OpenGL 4.1 (and earlier) in the guest.
  • Vulkan renderer support is limited to the following GPUs:
  • Intel Skylake and newer GPUs (e.g. Kaby Lake and Ice Lake)
  • AMD RDNA / NAVI14 and newer graphics processors (e.g. the Radeon RX / Pro 5300 and 5500 series) Note: The AMDVLK driver is currently used for AMD GPUs. (github.com/AMDVLK/releases
  • Nvidia Turing and later GPUs (for example the RTX series) Note: Workstation uses the outdated OpenGL renderer for pre-Turing GPUs.
  • Important corrections: Implementation of security improvements related to the clipboard.
  • Remote function: The shared virtual machine function is no longer supported as of Workstation 16.2.0 Pro.

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