Vampyr Infinite Loading Screen Fix for Windows

vampyr infinite loading screen error fix

Recently many gamers have encountered this issue associated with Vampyr on windows platform where the game seems like taking forever to load the game i.e infinite loading screen in Vampyr at the beginning of the game and sometimes the game didn’t even load.

Cause of the error: missing game file

During the installation of the game, the antivirus software find a particular file as quarantined and thus stop it from extracting in the main directory. Below is the solution for this problem.

Vampyr infinte loading screen error fix

Step 1: Go to the following link and download the file.

Step 2: Copy the downloaded file and paste it into game folder

This PC > Local Disc(C:) > Program Files (x86) > Vampyr > Engine > Binaries > ThirdParty > Steamworks > Steamv139 > Win64.

Note: While copying click on “Replace the file in the destination” as shown below.

DONE!! Now you are ready to go and play the game.

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