Valheim: How to make Wolf Armor

Valheim: How to make Wolf Armor

This guide explains how to unlock and craft the Wolfs Armor that will keep you from freezing to death while exploring the mountains in Valheim.

Why make a Wolf Armor? The extreme temperatures in the mountains of Valheim can make exploring the area quite difficult. In fact, you have to find ways to fight the cold while in the mountains or you will end up freezing to death. One way to do this is by wearing wolf armor.

Valheim: How to make Wolf Armor

At the start, there are three pieces of wolf skin armor, a breastplate, pants and a cloak, and you unlock the ability to make them after finding silver. The trick is that this resource can only be found in one place in Valheim, and that is underground in the mountains. This means that you need another method of warding off the cold until you are able to craft your wolf skin armor, and there are several approaches you can use to do this.

One such approach is to make a “frost resistance” meter in a kettle and then pour it into a fermenter. This creates a mead that can be drunk to temporarily prevent freezing, but it takes quite a lot of materials and time. Instead, you should create a path of fire pits and campfires in the mountains and place them in such a way that you can navigate from one to the other without taking much damage from the cold.

Regardless of the method you choose, there are two things to have on hand before starting your search for silver: at least an iron pickaxe and a wish bone. The iron pickaxe is required to mine silver and is made in a forge. The second makes finding silver a lot easier and is dropped by Bonemass, the third boss in Valheim.

Once you have received these two items and worked out a plan for dealing with the temperatures in the mountains, you should go to the area with the wishbone activated. One should then traverse the area until green sparks emit from the pawn, and one should dig if this effect is very common. This should eventually lead to silver, and you can use the iron pickaxe to mine the ore and use it to unlock the wolf skin armor.

How to craft the wolf armor ?

Once unlocked, here are the materials required for each part:

  • Wolf skin armor breastplate: 20 silver, 5 wolf skins, 1 chain
  • Wolf skin armor pants: 20 silver, 5 wolf skins, 4 wolf teeth
  • Wolf skin armor cloak: 4 silver, 6 wolf skins, 1 wolf trophy

It can be seen that silver is the most important resource for wolf skin armor, and you have to collect quite a lot of it if you want to make all of the pieces. However, only the cloak is needed to prevent freezing in the mountains, so it makes sense to only collect as much silver as you need for the cloak, make it and then use it to farm more silver for the other armor pieces.