Valheim: 11 Best Graphics Mods to utilize for better visuals

graphics mods for valheim

Valheim ultimately stands out as one of the great examples that prove the theory of good gameplay is more important than good graphics. However, some folks like me prefer both of the things. We not only want the game to BE good but also to look good. One good thing is that we not necessarily need to depend on the devs to make the game look good for us. There are mods that we can use for that purpose. Here is a list of some of the best graphics mods for Valheim that I have found on the Nexusmods portal.

Best Graphics Mods for Valheim

  1. HD Valheim (Work In Progress)
  2. Custom Textures
  3. ValheimFPSBoost
  4. Grass Tweaks
  5. Coco’s Texture Pack
  6. Fog Clouds Smoke Rain enable-disable
  7. Valheim High Fantasy Preset for ReShade
  8. Ivy’s Texture Pack
  9. Valheim Textures Upscaled x4
  10. Valheim Vanilla HD
  11. Badgers 2k Re-Texture

HD Valheim (Work In Progress)

This is a huge mod and one of the best graphics mods for Valheim. It greatly improves the visual quality of the game. It replaces all the default textures with high-resolution ones and upscales them to 4X. That is why the size of this mod is over 1.2 GB. This mod will make the game look like high budget Triple-A title. The mod rounds off edges and corners to make the objects like berries, mushrooms and other stuff look more clear and detailed.

The mod is not complete so make sure you keep on checking the Nexusmods page to get updated.

Custom Textures

visual mods valheim

This is a really fun mod for Valheim. Not just for graphics but in terms of the overall gameplay. It basically allows you to add your own textures to the game. You can add your own textures to things like character models, water/terrain, armor, inventory icons and other stuff as well. It might be a bit trickier to use this mod if you are not a technical person. One great thing about this mod is that it is compatible with other texture packs and mods. You will need to create your own PNG file so that you can add your textures to the game.


I was not fully sure if this mod falls under the graphics and visuals category as it does not improve the visuals but actually lowers them. But anyway, if it changes the graphical quality in any way or another it deserves to get a mention in this list. Ok, so this is for those people who don’t have the privilege to make use of a high-end gaming rig to play games.

This mod improves the FPS but turning OFF some of the visual tweaks that the game makes in order to make the game look better. It disables things like anisotropic filtering, cascaded shadows, shadows. It also lowers the Level of Details and reduces the texture size to half so that the game will load faster if you are using a hard drive.

Grass Tweaks

Grass and vegetation are a huge part of Valheim. Literally, the first screen you see when you load Valheim is the grass. Grass Tweaks provide control over how the grass in Valheim will look and feel. You can either make the grass look better or you can reduce the grass quality to squeeze out few more frames per second. With this mod, you can change several aspects of the grass like the patch size, level of detail, amount, shadows, etc.

Coco’s Texture Pack

If you want your Valheim world to look more like Skyrim world then try out this mod. Coco’s texture pack gives a whole new feel to the graphical quality of the game. It completely changes the game in a good manner by replacing default textures of grass, trees, armor, ships and a whole lot of stuff with custom-made upscaled ones.

Fog Clouds Smoke Rain enable-disable

Things like smoke, rain, fog could make a huge difference in delivering the overall aesthetics of the Valheim world. This is a very simple mod that gives you an in-game console from where it allows you to turn all these things ON or OFF at any time. A cool and very small mod that can make an impact on the gameplay.

Valheim High Fantasy Preset for ReShade

best mods for valheim

This is one of my own personal favorite mods for Valheim. This is a ReShade preset that will make your Valheim world fancier and magical. Although by default, Valheim is no lesser than a fantasy this mod will help you try various fantasy settings to make the game look even better. You can try and experiment with different settings that allow you to turn ON or OFF the shadows, light, ambiance, etc. You can also add a more dramatic, visually appealing cinematic look to the game world.

Ivy’s Texture Pack

best texture packs for valheim

This is another texture pack similar to Coco’s texture pack. This one adds more contrast to the game. With Ivy’s Texture Pack the objects in the game will now look more distinguishable from the surroundings that they did before. Just like other texture packs, it upscales textures, smoothes off edges, makes them bright and it also changes the color, dimensions of some objects and makes the edges sharper than before. The shadowed regions will now look more detailed.

Valheim Textures Upscaled x4

valheim best graphics mods

If you are someone who just wants to make the game look better in high definition especially if you are using 4K displays while keeping the original art of the game intact then this mod is perfect. It just upscales the original models to 4X using AI and machine learning.

With this mod, you will see more detailed and sharper versions of the wood logs, trees around them. X4 upscaled mod makes almost no dramatic improvements to the objects as the other mods in this list do which is very important as it does not make the game look like a completely different one.

Valheim Vanilla HD

Vanilla HD is very similar in technicalities with the previously mentioned Upscaled X4 Mod. With Vanilla HD you will notice a slightly different model of objects and the landscape. They will look a little smoother rather than clear. If the scene in the game is slightly more illuminated you will notice that the objects on the screen are less pixelated and will look cleaner than before.

Badgers 2k Re-Texture

graphics mods for valheim

There is another mod called Badgers 2k Re-Texture that will make the objects even more clear and more detailed. You will see a much better change in the visuals if you choose to try this one out. The Badgers 2k mod has the highest fidelity among other mods. It will make the objects in the scene more reflective. Even things like wood and table will look more defined and will have high reflectiveness.

How to install Texture Packs in Valheim

Step 1: Download the BepInExPack Plugin for Valheim from here

Step 2: Move the contents from the BepInExPack_Valheim folder to steamapps\common\Valheim

Step 3: Download the Texture pack from Nexusmods

Step 4: Finally place the .dll file in the Valheim/BepInEx/plugins folder

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