Unisk dresses frames with Symfonisk speaker with your photos

Unisk dresses frames with Symfonisk speaker with your photos

To live locked between two bland and sad colors which smell of inescapable death, believe it, it is boring. This is why we can only appreciate the initiative ofUnique, which offers prettier facades for the Symfonisk, in this case the frames with Wi-Fi speakers launched this summer.

Suddenly, life is happier.

As its name suggests, this panel looks like a photo frame that can be replaced to give a little pep’s to its decoration. Variants of Ikea that make you want to hang yourself (like this ” explosion of colors ” And this ” vinyl »), Unisk models are unique and for good reason: your own images are displayed on the front.

After that, it all depends on the chosen photo.

The Dutch service allows you to upload a file – if possible a JPG or PNG image of 4000 x 3000 -, to choose the desired orientation (portrait or landscape, knowing that the speaker can be used in either direction or in one direction). other), then to checkout: the facade costs 69 € incl. VAT, with free shipping throughout Europe. The image is printed on a polyester fabric cover, sturdily attached to the panel.

Unisk is not at its first attempt, the company also marketing fronts for the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker. Ikea has for its part enriched its facades for the same device with a “book cover” model that recalls the rich hours of gray and gloomy design of the 1950s (4,99 €).


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