Unique!Hangzhou primary school students’ fancy push-ups challenge “Compendium of Materia Medica” aerobics

According to Zhejiang Daily, a group of students at Dongguan Primary School in Hangzhou recently challenged Liu Genghong’s Compendium of Materia Medica with fancy push-ups. Video diamond push-ups, spider push-ups, jumping push-ups… In the video, the challenge moves are more difficult than each other, and many people exclaimed after watching: It turns out that push-ups can be done! It is understood that the children in the video are members of the school’s aerobics club. Speaking of the aerobics club of Dongguan Elementary School, it is quite famous and has won 4 world championships in aerobics. Before 2016, the aerobics club of Dongguan Primary School developed in a self-sufficient form. After 2016, it began to explore the road of simultaneous competition and popularization. In Dongguan Primary School, there are pedals for professional international aerobics competitions, which are rare in Hangzhou. The school is also equipped with professional aerobics teachers to guide, and every child can do aerobics. The school’s students have won many awards in aerobics competitions, and aerobics has become the school’s “golden sign”. The principal of Dongguan Primary School, Fu Lixing, once said that the original intention was very simple. The reason why bodybuilding was chosen as a “national exercise” for the whole school was that it was not easy to cause harm.
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