Unboxing Apple Watch Series 7

Unboxing Apple Watch Series 7

And here it is, with few new features but many interesting ideas for those who have never had an Apple Watch or own an older model. Let’s start discovering Apple Watch Series 7 in our UNBOXING!

The model we are testing is a Apple Watch Series 7 45mm with aluminum shell. The differences with the previous model are also minimal as regards the packaging, except for the presence of the new USB-C cable which also features an aluminum disc and no longer plastic.

In this version the coverage also changes, since with Apple Watch Series 7 Apple introduced the green coloring for the aluminum case. The Solo Loop silicone strap is also dark green.

From the unboxing of the Apple Watch it emerges that the packaging it has an elongated shape and features the classic apple logo with the word WATCH on one of the sides. On one of the edges of the package we find instead all the information on the model and color of the Apple Watch chosen. Inside we find the Apple Watch in its case, the box with quick instructions and warranty, the magnetic charger (this time USB-C type and in aluminum, as mentioned before), and the wall adapter very similar to the one in the iPhone box. Then we have the package that houses the strap. Apple has limited the use of plastic almost entirely.

Unlike in past years, the “WOW” effect was missing, but come on first impressions we can say that the larger screen is noticeable and comfortable on several occasions, especially for those who use the Apple Watch screen also to write quick notes via Scribble or keyboard.

And now, let’s start testing it for good!