UK Residents have spent a Record £ 7 Billion on Video Games in 2020

UK £ 7 Billion on Video Games in 2020

2020 has been a very good year for the UK video game market, with total spending growing 29.9% year over year to £ 7 billion. That’s 1.3 billion more than the 2018 record. Of that money, 1.5 billion went to mobile games and 1.7 billion to console titles. Growth by 21.3% and 24.2%, respectively.

Consumers spent £ 699 million on PC games.

Total software sales across all categories reached 4.5 billion. This is 18.5% more than in 2019. 85% of that money came from digital copies, but the physical video game market showed little growth.

The latest consumer market assessment confirms how valuable games have proven to people across the country during one of the most difficult times in our lives.

Video games are a growing, resilient and critical part of the UK’s successful creative industries. We all know how important entertainment, technology and creativity have been over the past year.

Dr. Joe Tweets, UKIE CEO

Sales of consoles for the year showed an increase of 74.8%. They accounted for about a billion pounds. The best-selling was the Nintendo Switch, which was swept off the shelves during the pandemic.

Via: PCGamesInsider