Ugreen Mini 20W charger test: sexy in addition to being efficient

Ugreen Mini 20W charger test: sexy in addition to being efficient

Ugreen is a company specializing in everything related to charging, from chargers to external batteries. But what is their 20W USB-C charger worth? To find out, we tested it.

Chargers are like teeth: We don’t care as long as the original ones are still there. And as with teeth, replacing a magazine can be expensive. But at least when it comes to chargers, there are third-party solutions that combine multiple options into one affordable device. Ugreen offers a whole range of charging solutions and NextPit has taken a look at it for you.

The Ugreen Mini 20W charger is indeed “mini”. / © NextPit

Note: Ugreen provided us with free 20W chargers for this test and this article is sponsored. However, neither of them had any influence on our judgment.

You’re probably wondering: Can a charger be sexy? Probably not, you will tell me. Nevertheless, I bought a 100W four port Ugreen charger a few weeks ago, after reading my colleague Antoine’s article and felt the urge to buy one right away, like a whim or a of those compulsive purchases that we make at 2 o’clock in the morning!

In short, I have not regretted a single day for buying this 100W charger! When I can, I charge with the original accessories of my various devices. But when I’m on the go or in the office, I only use this device, which has never left me in three months. Since then, Ugreen has asked us to test its other products. After my good experience so far, we are happy to do so.

You can buy the 20W charger from Green on Amazon through the following offer:

Ugreen 20W Chargeur USB-C

What is the Ugreen Mini 20W USB-C charger worth?

In terms of design, the 20W charger from Ugreen is very reminiscent of chargers supplied by larger manufacturers. The plastic is of good quality and shiny, while the shape, as I just said, is reminiscent of other brands. Although the plastic is not mat, it does not take fingerprints.

The USB-C port accommodates cables well and they do not move when plugged in. The heat output is comparable to that of other similar devices. The charger gets hot to the touch without ever getting hot.

The ideal charger for smartphones and tablets

With a charging power of 20 W, the Ugreen Mini charger targets smartphones and tablets. With support for Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 4.0, 3.0 and 2.0 standards, it will be able to charge the vast majority of devices. As with the larger Ugreen chargers, PPS technology is also integrated to optimize current and voltage during charging. This improves efficiency and thus reduces heat generation and battery wear.

NextPit Ugreen EU

The Ugreen Mini charger has a USB-C port. / © NextPit

In our test, we used the Green Mini to charge both an Apple iPhone 13 Pro and the very odd LG Wing. The iPhone 13 Pro charges up to 20 W via the Power Delivery 3.0 standard, according to its technical sheet. Thus, in 10 minutes of charging, the smartphone went to 25% of autonomy.

After 22 minutes, the battery was half full, and it filled up after 71 minutes. The scenario was roughly the same for the LG Wing, which uses the Quick Charge 4.0 standard. The 25% autonomy was reached after 13 minutes and the 50% after 26.5 minutes. The full charge finally lasted 1h30.


If you are interested in an Ugreen charger, then you should definitely take a look at the datasheet of your smartphone before purchasing it. Many Chinese smartphones in particular (especially those of the BBK group) only achieve the great charging powers announced by using their proprietary standards, not supported by third-party manufacturers.

Ugreen 20W Chargeur USB-C

The 20W of the Ugreen Mini charger will be sufficient for most smartphones. In our test, the chargers from Green convinced us on the one hand with their very good workmanship and pleasant materials, but they also fully fulfilled the charging performance promised by the manufacturer.


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