Ubisoft’s game goes to disco, a trailer that puts the fever

Roller Champions has been available on PC and consoles for a month, and on the side of Ubisoft, we are starting to enrich the game with additional content. The good news is that the launch of Seasons is now operational, with a first season accessible for free, regardless of the platform played. This is therefore an opportunity for Ubisoft to offer new lands, additional modes and new objects on the theme of disco. It is therefore Saturday fever that has invaded these arenas, which have become veritable dancefloors, such as this arena called Brooklyn Court and two other maps, Venice Beach Park and Liberty Arena, which will be added on June 23 and July 4 next. But that’s not all, Disco Fever also introduces Arena 8, a brand new game mode that takes place in an arena that is touted as innovative. Everything is detailed in the trailer.