Tozz Bike launches an electric scooter with character

Tozz Bike, a very young Turkish manufacturer, caused a sensation by unveiling its first electric scooter, the Pipegun #1. A vehicle that is out of the ordinary thanks to its design which is reminiscent of both skateboarding and BMX!

Created last year by two young Turkish entrepreneurs, Tozz Bike wants to make a place for itself in the crowded market of electric scooters. And the manufacturer could well achieve this with its first model, the Pipegun #1 (PG-1). Presented during the design week held in Turkey in mid-December, this scooter has indeed many assets to seduce lovers of soft urban mobility.

Temperament in a scooter

First, by its design. The PG-1 evokes both a BMX with its handlebars clearly inspired by mountain bikes, and skateboarding with its platform. The large 20-inch red “Salt Tracer” wheels add extra personality to a scooter that already had plenty of it (not to mention better impact absorption). Up front, an LED light bar makes it easy to see and be seen. The frame is made of stainless steel.

Credit: Tozz Bike

« We can’t stand mediocrity “, explains Tozz Bike, “ we are tired of so-called innovative designs duplicated with shoddy materials and excessive and baseless claims Says the company that has temperament!

Credit: Tozz Bike

Two models have been unveiled, which use the same design but are of a different power. The first incorporates a 250W Bafang motor deploying a torque of 45 Nm, thus offering a maximum speed of 25 km/h. With its lithium-ion battery, this version of the PG-1 can travel 45 km. The other model has a more powerful Bafang motor, 500W for a torque of 60 Nm. This scooter can go up to 35 km/h and its battery gives it a range of 60 km. A competition vehicle!

Only 20 copies will be produced for each model, with prices starting at €1,850.