Toshiba showcases new magnetic recording technology: mechanical hard drives easily exceed 30TB

In order to increase the capacity of mechanical hard disks, Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba and other manufacturers have made great efforts in these years and proposed various new storage technologies. Recently, Toshiba announced the new “MAS-MAMR”, the full name of “Microwave Assisted Switching-Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording”, which is the microwave-assisted switching microwave-assisted magnetic recording technology, and demonstrated it for the first time. Toshiba has been committed to the research and development of MAMR (Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording) technology. Last year, it began to ship 18TB hard drives based on FC-MAMR technology, including the mainstream X300 series and the N300 series for NAS network storage. Recording, the storage density is 1.5Tb per square inch, and the single disc capacity is 2TB. On the basis of FC-MAMR, MAS-MAMR further improves the storage density by partially exposing microwaves to the storage medium. According to Toshiba, MAS-MAMR technology can realize a mechanical hard disk with a capacity of 30TB.