Toshiba develops HDD expansion technology: 30TB capacity is not a dream

The main advantage of HDD hard drives compared to SSD hard drives is that they have a larger capacity per unit price. At present, Western Digital and Seagate have begun shipping 18TB or even 20TB hard drives, and Toshiba’s 18TB hard drives have also begun to go on the market. They have also developed HDD expansion technology. Manufactured a 30TB hard drive. According to reports, Toshiba has developed a technology that can greatly increase the storage capacity of digital equipment storage devices “HDD”, which will be used in data center products as its main force. The goal is to develop a storage capacity that is 1.7 times higher than the current 30TB product. Toshiba has verified the use of microwave technology to improve storage capacity. Mechanical hard disks write data by changing the direction of the magnet on the disk. By irradiating the disk with microwaves, the magnet can be easily reversed, thereby increasing the storage capacity. Save more data in the unit area. Toshiba began trial supply of products with a maximum storage capacity of 18TB in March, and mass production began in October. In recent years, it has gradually expanded its storage capacity in units of 2TB, and will continue to increase its storage capacity in the future. Toshiba believes that new technologies can be used to develop products with a capacity of more than 30TB, because.