Top 3 – Gaming mouse I personally love

Hey there syms here is one of my favorite article on TOP 3 GAMING MOUSE I LOVE PERSONALLY LOVE. So,don’t forget to comment below how u feel about it and .

I also been discussing special features of each mice some specs and yeah most important whether it suits you or not. So, without wasting any time let’s get into it.

Top 3 Gaming Mouse

1. Logitech g903    [115$]

If there any mouse that overkill that for sure is the Logitech g903. This is certainly the candidate for ultimate gaming mouse . Being the modified version of Logitech g900.

Gaming Mouse


This mouse has an amazing Ambidextrous design having 11 programmable buttons and modularity.

It obviously have that famous Logitech freeform scroll buttons which is so addictive .


It have an flawless optical sensor . It’s mechanical pivot design is so satisfying for our hands . And u know what’s more important is the in-game experience.

It give a high amount of consistency and relaibilty.


The most important feature about it is that the G903 is wireless . Gaming with a wireless mouse is just amazing which frees us from very limitations.

Is [ 113$ ] worth ???

Yes, is totally worth. I know it’s couple of 10bucks more expensive and many of u hesitate to buy it .


But if you know the importance of high consistent and efficient gaming experience . These 20 bucks more is definitely worth .

To buy click the link below:

2. CORSAIR Harpoon [ 30$]

This is the most underrated mouse . There are many mouse that are even much more like 100×better than this .

Gaming Mouse

Why did I chose this???

Other gaming mouse are about a 70-80$ even the mentioned Logitech g903 .

It just 30$ . There is no other mouse in this whole world whose price is less than 45$ and that is this good.

Its light weight frame and accurate sensor give me ability to carry out some pretty amazing shots ( specially in FPS games) like counter strike .

If for you accuracy matters the most this 30$ are the most worth of it.

It’s sensor goes to 6000DPI and it’s a much more for a 30$ mouse.

Solid Build quality and RGB lighting are always Corsair high priority.

To buy click the below link:

3. Asus ROG Spatha [ 150$ ]

This is the most amazing mouse I have ever  seen .

Obviously this isn’t for everyone ….Like there are not more people who would spend a 150 bucks on a damn mouse .

Gaming Mouse


This mouse feels a little bit big to hands weighing 180grams .

The right and left buttons are independent of each other and also the body . It feels way good to hands .

Which leads into better tactical feedback while gaming .

This mouse contains 12 buttons combine which is pretty much ridiculous and much more amazing.

If you are into MMOs and MOBAs and games where every movements are crucial …..this mouse stand up to the expectation.

This mouse don’t have left hand adjustments and it’s size and weight cannot be customized .

The more you play with this mouse the more u become addictive to it . This mouse is like ….when you play with this mouse you will not wish to play with any other mouse ever.

It also come with wireless and wired connectivity. It’s sensor goes up to 8400 DPI .

And a tracking speed of 150 IPS.

Is it worth 150$????

Maybe, If you are a guy who wants more precision and who doesn’t use much mouse than this is perfect. This mouse gives a premium feeling to you .

Gaming Mouse


And also there are lots of things come with it . A wire , stand and other things so 150$ will be a great investment.

To buy click the link below:

So finally , if I miss something in this article don’t forget to comment below your thoughts . And also comment down your favorite gaming mouse.



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