Tongxin Software Announces a New Plan: Building the Root System of China’s Desktop Operating System

On May 18th, the “Deepin” online press conference of the desktop system root community was held. Tongxin Software announced at the meeting that it would build a desktop operating system root community based in China and facing the world based on the deepin community, and build China’s deepin community. The root system of the desktop operating system. Deepin Community was initiated in 2008 by Wuhan Shenzhidu Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tongxin Software, and has been operating continuously for 15 years. One of the oldest and most active open source operating system communities. Tongxin Soft said that after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Ubuntu developer Canonical announced the suspension of support and professional services for Russian companies. This Ubuntu service suspension event once again proved that China’s The operating system cannot rely on the distributions controlled by commercial manufacturers such as Ubuntu, but should start from the Linux kernel, other open source projects, and self-developed project components to build a new operating system architecture and open source community for desktop application scenarios. deepin Since 2015, it has abandoned Ubuntu-based upstream and opted for Ubuntu .
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