Thunderbird 102.1.1 fixes many bugs

Mozilla has updated Thunderbird to version 102.1.1. On the release page it says that the update will only be available from 8.07. is distributed. But it is already available via the update function.

This version is still not distributed via the update function in the program if you are using 91.x. The only way to do that is to download it directly from the website. One change was made: OpenPGP Key Manager cleans selected keys after deletion. But a multitude of corrections. But first the known problems:

  • The Get Map feature is missing in the physical address book
  • Custom fields are missing from the address book
  • No separate field “Category” in the address book

Corrections in Thunderbird 102.1.1

  • Update notification popups were also appearing on Linux after switching to a different desktop workspace
  • Display issues on macOS rendered Thunderbird unusable
  • The OpenPGP public key was not appended automatically when encryption was enabled from memory and the default setting is “Do not encrypt”.
  • Importing OpenPGP keys in binary format failed
  • Exporting an OpenPGP public key from account settings failed
  • Saving encrypted OpenPGP attachments generated corrupt files
  • Receiving many OpenPGP keys in a single email caused Thunderbird to hang
  • Progress bar was not displayed when downloading POP3 messages
  • OAuth2 authentication was not available when the mail domain did not match the domain of the OAuth provider
  • OAuth did not work with some POP servers
  • RSS feed URL links in the header area could not be activated using the keyboard
  • Self-signed TLS certificates did not work with POP3 connections
  • Non-character characters in passwords did not work on POP3 connections
  • No error was displayed when entering an incorrect password for a POP3 account
  • NNTP articles were not previewed when a primary password was set
  • NNTP articles were not downloaded if the server’s hostname was not in lower case
  • Saving NNTP messages to local disk failed
  • Sometimes unexpected contacts were added to the destination when dragging and dropping from the address book to the compose window
  • “Default” caption for emails not displayed when editing a contact
  • The Contact Title, Role, and Organization fields could appear in the wrong order
  • Contacts’ birthdays on February 29 were not displayed correctly in non-leap years
  • Photo recognition in vCards has been improved
  • Dragging and dropping contacts to another address book was not possible
  • Contacts stored in a Google CardDAV address book contained extra backslashes in text fields
  • Contacts without first/last name/display were shown blank in the contact list
  • Automatic attachment of vCard and OpenPGP keys did not always work as expected
  • Settings page in use caused excessive CPU usage
  • Calendar did not respect date and time formatting in settings
  • OpenPGP key import wizard did not adapt to dark theme
  • Various visual and theme improvements and various accessibility improvements

Information and Download:

Thanks everyone for the hint.

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