This Instagram filter makes you think you own a PS5

ps5 instagram filter

The console next-gen made by Sony, PlayStation 5 will slide indeed less than two weeks away, and a new plan will be available for seven regions only; America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico and South Korea. Other regions are planned to follow a week later.

Even so, it turns out that many Indonesian/Malaysian gamers have already ‘got’ their PS5. It may not be surprising if only a handful of people get it, such as video games or a console for example. But it turns out that the number of gamers who already ‘own’ the PS5 is very large, widely scattered on social media.

Of course, despite them looking so genuine these above photos are mere jokes thanks to a story filter on Instagram. Titled PS5 BOX, this filter made by the AR on Everything account quickly spreads on various social media, especially in Indonesia as a pretty entertaining little prank.

If the photos above might trick some people because the shooting angle is quite right, some gamers also try to make memes by making them too big or too small.

Those of you who also want to try this filter can search for it manually via Story with the keyword ” PS5 Box”. Hopefully, your pranks can be successful and make other gamers salty.

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