The two Fuxing ships passed by in only 0.86 seconds, which is equivalent to a 17-category hurricane.

On April 21, two Fuxing trains successfully conducted a rendezvous test on the Jinan-Zhengzhou high-speed railway from Puyang to Zhengzhou, setting a new world record of 870 kilometers per hour relative to the rendezvous.

At about 12:53 on the same day, two test trains departing from Zhengzhou and Puyang, respectively, successfully met when they arrived in Junxian County, Henan Province.The recorder shows that the train runs at a speed of 435 kilometers per hour, relative to the rendezvous speed of 870 kilometers per hour, and the train rendezvous time is 0.86 seconds.

Today, the Chinese railway official conducted a science popularization.

When two trains run opposite each other on the up and down lines of a parallel double-track railway, when they meet at the same place, it is called a train meeting.

When the two trains meet, the distance between the two trains is generally not more than 2 meters, and the relative speed of the trains is the sum of the running speeds of the two trains when they meet.

When the two trains meet, the air between the two trains will be strongly squeezed and disturbed, causing pressure fluctuations to act on the head of the train and the side walls of the car body on the adjacent surfaces, causing instantaneous strong changes in the surface pressure of the car body, and also causing the railway lines and tracks. shock.

For example, the two EMU trains reached a single speed of 435 kilometers per hour.The relative speed reached 870 kilometers per hour, and the car body was subjected to wind pressure equivalent to that of a 17-category hurricane.

China Railway Science Road: In this test, the vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, vibration noise, structural load and other safety and comfort indicators of the EMU with a speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour were obtained. The technicians can identify the CR450 EMU through data analysis. Develop the target of tackling key problems, and break through difficult problems such as aerodynamic design, structural strength design, vibration and noise reduction design of high-speed EMUs.

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