the trailer in VF is here, there will be 9 episodes for the series

It was the event of the night: last night, around midnight, Marvel Studios released the very first trailer for She-Hulk, the female alter-ego of the Hulk, the most battered superhero in the MCU. But since it is impossible for Marvel to dedicate a solo story to him because of the licensing rights that belong to Universal, this is the only way to continue to make the character exist outside of the Avengers. Otherwise, we find more or less the few images that we saw last November during Disney + Day with a Tatiana Maslany who will play the eponymous character. Of course, at his side, Mark Ruffalo will be there to teach him how to channel his emotions and master his transformation into a green creature who fears nothing. If we were rather excited to see Bruce Banner’s cousin take her first steps on the small screen, it’s hard to hide our disappointment when you see this first trailer, available in VF since noon.

It must be said that the relationship between Hulk and She-Hulk is more like a love affair between Shrek and Fiona and that the special effects are sorely lacking in conviction and finish. This is also the same team that was in charge of the SFX of Moon Knight, which unfortunately did not shine in this area. It is all the more regrettable that She-Hulk will appear very often transformed and this synthetic side shows very strongly on the screen, to the point of spoiling the experience for us. We hope that by the release set for August 17, Marvel Studios will readjust the visual effects so that the rendering is more convincing. We specify before leaving that there will be 9 episodes (like WandaVision) unlike the 6 episodes that Marvel had accustomed us to more than a year ago now.

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