the sequel is in development, Capcom makes its announcement

It wasn’t just Square Enix that had made an appointment with its community tonight, Capcom too, since the Japanese publisher was celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Dragon’s Dogma series. Perhaps not Capcom’s most popular game in the West, but one that has some passion with its players who have been waiting for a sequel for far too long. The wait will not have been in vain since Capcom has formalized the development of this sequel, while remaining vague to still arouse a little interest and keep the mystery intact. It was Hideaki Itsuno, the game director of the first episode, who was responsible for transmitting the good news, by unzipping his hoodie and thus revealing a logo on the t-shirt he was wearing and thus formalizing this Dragon’s Dogma 2. We will not know more about this sequel, but we imagine that it will take over the most popular mechanics of the game, such as this possibility of riding on the backs of creatures to slay them with your sword, knowing that the online game will remain obviously the guideline, just to not offend the community that has been created over the past 10 years…

Dragon's Dogma 2

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