the RPG/life simulation will be released on September 22

It’s the editor PQube who teaches us, Permit Potionthe RPG that looks like Stardew Valley has finally set its release date as well as its various release media. Here is all the information.

Potion Permit available in a few months

The title mixing role-playing game and life simulation will be available on September 22 on almost all current media, namely PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, Nintendo Switch, and finally PC via Steam as well as GOG and the Epic Game Store.

As a reminder, Permit Potion makes you embody a chemist sent to the town of Moonbury. Your objective is to treat the mayor’s daughter and convince the locals of the benefits and effectiveness of modern alchemy, the latter still being attached to archaic medicine. You will thus be asked to live within a community of about thirty inhabitants, to get to know them, and to treat them when they fall ill, which will require examining them and collecting the required materials. for your potions.