the release date revealed + 12 min of new gameplay

October 18, 2022, here is a date to mark at Stabilo in its diary, since it is the release date of A Plague Tale Requiem, revealed by Focus Entertainment and Asobo Studio. The PC, PS5, Xbox Series and even Nintendo Switch (cloud) versions are affected, knowing that the game will be available day one on the Xbox Game Pass. But that’s not all, since in addition to this release date, we are also entitled to almost 12 minutes of new gameplay in 4K format, which allows us to better appreciate the graphics of the game, but also the modeling of the characters that have evolved quite a bit. As usual, Amicia is accompanied by her little brother Hugo and they have to escape the vigilance of not very shrewd soldiers, it must be admitted. To do this, Amicia has several ways to silence an enemy, often behind his back, with the possibility of leaving him alive or not. Otherwise, it will be stab wounds in the chest, throwing stones or using the crossbow if necessary. And in the most complicated moments, it is enough to call on the rats that Hugo can control. An entire program.