The original cast of “The Legend of Zhen Huan” “staged” the sex-turned-girl country. The AI-directed play made netizens shout: How many surprises are there?

Watching the gender reversal of “Shilang” Chen Jianbin and “Huan Huan” Sun Li, what kind of experience is it to dance the Korean dance “Trouble Maker”?

This sexy dance matches this… this man’s bearded face:

“Dizzy” the audience a…

There’s nothing like a Phoebe’s meme here at this very moment!

In addition to a hot dance, the two also “staged” the classic episodes in “Journey to the West”.

Sun Li’s face still has no sense of disobedience. From Zhang Xiansheng handsome to Tang Seng’s heroic spirit, it really fits.

It is this “peacock princess” that smells the fragrance of flowers… It’s the level of “Monkey King is hard not to be a killer, and Tang Seng saw that he rode a white dragon horse and escaped overnight”.

How real AI gender reversal is

The above are all from the two recent works reprinted by Weibo bloggers “Huaihuo” and “2-chome Monster”.

Because the video is so realistic, everyone’s sense of substitution is too strong, and the various jokes can’t stop.

However, there are some friends who do not know the truth, but they were quite puzzled at first:

“Why doesn’t Chen Jianbin have Sun Ligao?”

“How can Sun Li be so handsome?”

… This is enough to prove how advanced AI technology is.

People who have been following technology for a long time can see at a glance that this is used deepfake doing things.

This face-changing technology has exploded since 2019. It mainly uses deep learning technology and GAN to learn how faces look at different angles, and then when it gets a face to be replaced, it can switch naturally like a mask. .

Today, its open source project DeepFaceLab is available on GitHub More than 30,000 stars.

In order to make the effect more realistic, this project will also sharpen the face after splicing, and provide 5 kinds of skin color conversion algorithms to ensure that the skin color of the generated face is consistent.

In real practice, in addition to making magic changes to the source code to further improve the efficiency and effect, the most important thing is to find the right material. The more matched the two facial features, the better the effect.

Besides face-changing stars, what other applications are there?

In terms of application, Yang Mi played Athena Zhu, and TikTok attracted 320,000 followers last week as a fake “Tang brother”… The most popular entertainment videos on the Internet in the world are these kinds of entertainment videos that change the faces of celebrities, which won everyone laugh after dinner.

Of course, in addition to this, Deepfake also has its own commercial value, such as live broadcast face change (Lenovo “Qiao Biluo Incident”).

In the film industry, there are also studios that use this technology for exportmovie dubbingwhich replaces the lips and facial expressions of voice actors speaking lines in another language directly onto the faces of the original film characters.

Just over 2 months ago, Deepfake was used in the Korean general election:

One of the campaign teams used it to make a digital human avatar called AI Yoon for the presidential candidate, and passed the approval of the official election regulator in South Korea, which produced many campaign videos and won the support of a large number of young voters.

and this should beThe world’s first official recognitionDeepfake political candidates.

Of course, technology is a double-edged sword, and deepfakes are also used to defraud. For example, the previous “Fake Jin Dong” was liked by fans in his 60s and cheated out of money.

A few weeks ago, CCTV also exposed AI face-changing video scams that appeared in many places.

It is worth noting that nowadays it only costs 2-10 yuan to make a video impersonating a relative or friend. With the advent of the era of national face-changing, everyone should also pay attention to screening.

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