The obscure REDO! and its biomachines arrives on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch | Xbox One

Available on PC via Steam since August 2019, the Action RPG REDO! Finally lands on home console. The game from the Robson Paiva studio will have taken its time, but it now opens the doors of its gloomy world to all our ecosystems for the greatest pleasure of the players.

The solar cathedral, place of all hopes

REDO! is playable now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Its retro graphics will certainly appeal to gamers of the first hour, but the game has other qualities that will also convince the youngest.

His universe first of all resembles a post-apocalyptic world. The reign of humanity has ended and the earth is now dominated by biomachines, monstrosities, dolls and endless cold.

Nothing seems to be able to restore light to this world, until you hear a mysterious voice asking you only one thing: “Meet me at the solar cathedral”.

Intrigued by this request, you decide to go to the solar cathedral during a perilous journey during which you will have to face many adversaries. Fortunately, you can count on an arsenal as powerful as it is varied to carry out this quest. This will range from energy blades to riot shields, to rocket launchers.

Beware of biomachines which will have the annoying tendency to electrify the air, spit fire or even plasma. Don’t wait any longer, you are the last hope for a bright future.